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The first-class Bitcoin Cycle Software at a glance

The Bitcoin Cycle homepage and Bitcoin Cycle app are suitable for all customers who want to earn money trading cryptocurrencies without investing too much time and effort. The Bitcoin Cycle robot uses unique algorithms that can achieve high success rates. Bitcoin Cycle differs significantly from other trading platforms, because with this software you can set the parameters that are exactly right for you.

It is an intelligent trading system that people can use to make money even if they have no experience in crypto trading and do not know how to control buying and selling of cryptocurrencies manually.

The platform software is programmed in such a way that it notices and reacts to even the smallest price changes on the market. Members only have to intervene from time to time. With this, Bitcoin Cycle offers its customers quite a bit of autonomy, which only a few other trading robots can offer. Find out more about the Bitcoin Cycle trading platform and try trading cryptocurrencies here.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Cycle


  • User friendly software
  • Fast payouts
  • Free account creation
  • Little expenditure of time
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Success rate up to 88%
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted


  • The platform selects local brokers
  • There is no app

Registration at Bitcoin Cycle

Join the platform. To do this, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Account creation
  2. Deposit
  3. Test demo account
  4. trade

Account creation

Registering an account with the Bitcoin Cycle system is a simple procedure. The application form is available on the homepage. Fill the form. You should enter your surname, first name, real email address and telephone number. The system automatically enforces the registration. In a few seconds you will receive a confirmation of your registration by email. Then you will be asked to create a strong password that will protect the account and allow you to log in. The new account will be ready in less than five minutes, you now have access to the platform’s software.

When you have finished creating your account, you will be automatically connected to a broker within the Bitcoin Cycle platform.

The first deposit

The next step is to transfer the minimum amount to your new account: The first deposit should be USD 250 or more. You can do this with a credit card. You can add funds to your account by providing the relevant payment details such as card number, verification code and expiration date. The transfer will be completed in a few seconds.

Demo account

The demo account is a very helpful feature that helps to get to know the automated trading system without using real money. Even though the auto-trading system does all of the work for members, it is highly recommended that you try the software with the demo account first. You can always change your trade from demo mode to live and vice versa. With the demo account, you can practice over and over again if you feel the need to.

Start your trading

Now the trading robot starts its work. The robot runs automatically and in the background. Gain your experience of flawless crypto trading with Bitcoin Cycle. The platform has an algorithm to improve all functions so that all transactions work great. Transactions were quickly selected and completed with the credit on the Bitcoin Cycle account.

When all of this is done, click on “Auto Trade” and let the system work for you. It is absolutely fine that you have no experience of crypto trading: it is not required to use the simple Bitcoin Cycle software successfully.

Trading with Bitcoin Cycle

Once you have an account with Bitcoin Cyce, you will be taken to the trading room. Here you tell the Bitcoin Cycle software how and with which currency you want to trade. All transactions on the platform are open. You can open your operations at any time. In this way you can clearly see the performance of the robot at this specific point in time.

In the control panel, you can check your progress and view the settings, while at the same time you can manage the trade and make appropriate adjustments. In the trade history you can see the history of every trade, both negative and positive transactions.


The top currencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH and XRP have become very popular and are now in use very often. The transactions with these currencies are processed without any problems. The platform also trades with other types of cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • IOTA
  • Ripple
  • EOS

Trading in pairs is also possible: crypto / crypto or USD and EUR. After you have selected a pair to trade, simply select how many trades you want to go through at once and how much you want the amount to be.

Payment processing

All payment transactions on the Bitcoin Cycle trading platform are secure, accurate and fast.

Payment methods

Since Bitcoin Cycle is available in more than 150 countries, the system supports the most popular payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, Discover, American Express as well as debit cards and bank transfer.

Fast payouts

The platform’s payout system is transparent and accurate. There were no discrepancies in the results obtained during and after the calculation of profits. Withdrawals are made very quickly, i.e. within 24 hours by default. Members can withdraw funds as often as they want.

Bitcoin Cycle app

The Bitcoin Cycle platform is not available as an app. But you can track your trade at any time, as the software can be accessed from any web browser and any device.


There are no hidden fees. No brokerage fees or commissions. All of your assets are yours and you can withdraw them at any time without delay. Registration and use of the platform are free, you just have to invest some money to trade.

Special features of the Bitcoin Cycle trading platform

You can find a variety of crypto robots in the market, but none of them have as many special features as Bitcoin Cycle. The Bitcoin Cycle website provides you with additional functions, which makes the experience with the software particularly pleasant.

Setting your own parameters

The platform gives each user the opportunity to use their own parameters that can be adapted to personal needs.

These are the parameters:

  • Desired amount of money to invest
  • Assessment of the level of risk
  • Choice of trading strategy
  • Type of assets

Stop-loss function

Bitcoin Cycle has a very helpful protective feature: Stop-Loss function. Before a Bitcoin Cycle member starts trading, he has the option of setting a stop-loss ceiling. This feature prevents the trading robot from trading the full amount that has been deposited into the account.

Affordable for everyone

The Bitcoin Cycle platform only requires USD 250 as an initial minimum deposit. Trading in the cryptocurrency market is therefore actually affordable for everyone.

Customer service

The customer support on the Bitcoin Cycle platform works around the clock and 7 days a week. Customer service responds via email and live chat, is professional and friendly. Just send a message to a representative and have your question answered quickly.

Bitcoin Cycle: a scam or a legitimate platform?

According to the found results and experiences of the existing members, Bitcoin Cycle is a reputable crypto trading robot.


Investments on this platform are safe. Both the money and the data of all members are protected from online attacks and encrypted.

Tips for successfully trading Bitcoin Cycle

  • Start with the lowest investment possible while you learn. If you make a profit, you can always put that money back or increase the investment.
  • Don’t forget the ability to set a stop loss cap that will protect your money.
  • Act daily. You have higher chances of making more if you use the Bitcoin Cycle system every day.
  • In order to be able to earn money with Bitcoin Cycle, there must be funds available in your account.
  • Follow the news that appears in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Try to withdraw your winnings regularly.


Bitcoin Cycle is a simple and advantageous platform that supports you in automated trading in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. The system guarantees an impressive live trading experience. The software is user-friendly so that no specialist knowledge is required. Registration is free and all payment processing is quick and accurate. Join the platform and start making money with Bitcoin Cycle!

Bitcoin Cycle is an automated crypto trading platform with a simple and user-friendly software. The system supports the most popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. Bitcoin Cycle has several excellent functions that make your crypto trading an experience tailored to you.

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