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Bitcoin Up Trading Platform – The Complete Review For New Users

What’s Bitcoin UP?

It’s a trading application which trades for its users. You can use the program to just make passive income with trading or to also learn trading and do it by yourself later on. To begin, you should make an account. The sign-up process is quite simple on the site.

You can learn everything you might want to know about this site in the review. You can find out about its security, safety, customer support and other vital aspects which form a great trading platform. Keep on reading to learn about the pros and cons of the Bitcoin UP app.

Pros and cons


  1. The app works on the HSF concept reducing its slips during trades.
  2. The site has Negative Balance Security, making you safe from leverage losses
  3. Registration is simple and can be done in a few fast steps.
  4. The investment analysis of the bot is about 94% which is a lot.
  5. The minimum deposit is just $250, so even people with little cash can trade.


  1. The bot might be inaccurate at times, making it less safe.
  2. Auto trading involves more and bigger fees, than if you traded by yourself.

Bitcoin UP software, how does it work?

The system for the Bitcoin UP app was made by professional traders and computer scientists. It works on advanced algorithms which help the app realise the movements of price.

Based on price analysis, it can make such sophisticated trades as no human can. That’s because price action is a hard topic for traders. Unlike people, the system works on algorithms and sees the exact points in price when to enter and close trades.

First steps, or how to join Bitcoin UP

To work with the trading app, you first need to go through the Bitcoin UP registration. It’s easy to pass, but some aspects need more information on them. Here’s a short list of steps to overcome for successful registration on the platform.

The form with information

The first thing you need to do is to write some of your information inside a form on the website. You need to enter your username, password, email, date of birth and mobile phone number. Write only real information, since it may come in handy later on.

After you submit the form, you’re going to have an identity verification. You need to provide the Bitcoin UP website with some of your documents, like ID card or passport. Don’t worry about the safety of the data, since its under protection by the SSL socket layer.

The deposit, how much and how you can make it

The second step is depositing some money onto the platform. The minimum amount is just $250, so you don’t have to spend much in the process. You can make the payment using MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Visa or Trustly.

When it comes through, your account gets activated and you can login to Bitcoin UP. Continue looking through the review for tricks on how to stay profitable in trading.

Trading at Bitcoin UP, small tips

A meaningful tip is to have good and active trading sessions of about 8 hours per day. However, you shouldn’t leave the bot on at night, even though it’s possible. That might bring unnecessary losses, since trading at night-time is harder even for a machine due to unexpected market movements.

Also, set some additional options for the bot such as stop-losses, but don’t overdo with them. The algorithms work perfectly fine by themselves and by messing with them too much, you might receive worse results from the Bitcoin UP app.

Security on the Bitcoin UP trading platform

To work with a site, you need to believe in it and its safety. Here’s all the information you might want on the security of the app and why Bitcoin UP is considered reputable thanks to it.

Verification system

This protection mechanism gets activated once a user submits his identification documents. It looks through them and decides if the person who wants to sign up is real or a robot.

This can’t be done by real workers, since only a robot can scan the information and find such exact data on the person.

SSL encryption socket layer

Once you register on the site, you become protected by the SSL encryption socket layer. This system encrypts your data, so frauds couldn’t read it even if they wanted to.

Moreover, it puts your data onto a server under the firewall protection. Such places can’t be hacked even if people try to.

Payout machine

Bitcoin UP payout machine isn’t the same as the withdrawal process. The payout algorithm gives you your earned money after a trading session. If you lost some, then it deducts the same amount from the balance.

Negative Balance Security, or NBS

This mechanism protects every user of the site from losses by leverage. Leverage is money you can borrow from the site to trade with. That way you could make bigger profits or losses. Bitcoin UP website offers a huge 1:5000 which can not only nullify the balance of a user, but also put him/her into a debt.

This is where the Negative Balance Security comes in. It helps you reduce the risks which come from big leverage and in case of losses it also cushions your losses. It makes them less critical.

Deposit and withdrawal on the Bitcoin Code app

To begin using the website, you need to make a deposit of at least $250. Also, when you earn enough, you can finally cash out. For that, you need knowledge of the banking system of the app. Here’s the complete guide on the cash transactions on the Bitcoin Code app.

Banking methods

To deposit, you can use MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Skrill or Trustly. The difference between these methods is only in the fees. The minimum deposit is just $250, so even people with low budgets can try trading.

When you want to withdraw, you can use MasterCard, Visa, or Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions are faster than with the debit cards and involve smaller fees. However, it’s your decision on what you would like to choose on the Bitcoin UP app.

Cash transaction security

Every cash transaction on Bitcoin UP is looked over and protected by the SSL socket layer. It encrypts the information during a payment and makes sure it isn’t visible to third parties.

SSL is used even on the biggest website of the internet and the technology is proven to be safe. That’s one of the reasons why Bitcoin UP isn’t a scam website.

Payout speed

Finally, Bitcoin UP payout speed is undoubtedly worth mentioning. The maximum time you might have to wait for the withdrawal is just 1 day. This is a big advantage, since when trading, you don’t want to see your money being paid out within a week or more time.

Customer support on the Bitcoin UP app

The last vital thing to discuss is the support team. It’s important, since if you encounter some troubles while trading, support is the only thing you can depend on.

Quality of the support team

Despite the difficulty of some questions, support is on point every time. It gives users clear explanations with thorough instructions for a person to follow.

Work time and responsiveness of support

The time of day or night doesn’t matter. If you feel like you’re stuck and can’t solve some kind of problem, feel free to get in touch with the support team. It works 24/7 and to contact it on the Bitcoin UP website, you can use live chat.


Overall, Bitcoin UP is a good choice for you if you want to have a passive income with crypto. The site has a responsive and helpful support team, high security and safety levels to offer. Try out this amazing platform for yourself today!

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